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The Queen, The King & Walla

Race: Elves

King Kylian IV. and Queen Adelhayt of Knuffel are the rulers of the Kingdom Of Knuffel and parents to Walla. While the Queen is known for her gentle and wise nature, the king is feared for his bearish and moody character and his outbursts of fury. With skills and cleverness the Queen knows well how to overrule her husband and is the real ruler of the Kingdom, reigning with love and wisdom.
Ehlenia, Lord Wuffel & Grog

Race: Wuffel

Wuffel are the ancient enemies of the Kingdom Of Knuffel, fighting the Kingdom for generations, though today no one even remembers why. Lord Wernhart von Wuffel is the current ruler of the Lordship of Wuffel located on a small island west to the Kingdom. Ehlenia and Grog are his most devoted minions. Ehlenia is deeply in love with her Lord.
Feänor & Lyera

Race: Elves

Feänor is the shop keeper of The Family Jewels on the Kingdom Of Knuffel. He comes from an ancient family of noble Dark Elves and is several hundred years of age. He loves nature and lives in a tree house with his pet, the hamster Ulric. Lyera is the hairdresser and owner of the Kingdom's hairdresser's shop, The Cutting Crew. She is of middle age and of calm and responsible character which is why, on behalf of the Queen, she is spending some of her free time secretly keeping an eye on Walla.
Igor & Tifunee

Race: Furries

Igor is the keeper of the Kingdom's Gene Technology Laboratory Rikashitsu. He himself is the product of several genetic experiments and devotes his life to the research of gene technology which allows the habitants of the Kingdom to alter their visual appearance permanently. Tifunee is his long-distance cousin and the keeper of the Kingdom's Knuffel Adoption Agency, Knufftropolis where she tries to find a caring owner for every Knuffel.
Lucretia, Peppe & Gigi

Race: Human, Vampire, Fairy

Lucretia, Peppe, and Gigi are connected by an inseparable bond of friendship, and despite the great differences in personalities they are rarely seen apart. Lucretia is the shop keeper of Lunatic Fringe, while the seemingly always cheerful Gigi runs Purikura. She is secretly in love with Peppe, the owner of the Kingdom's trading center, The Vault. Together with Walla, the King's and Queen's daughter, they are always full of mischief and open for any kind of reckless adventure.
Gudrun & Nympharia

Race: Merfolk

Nympharia is the shop owner of the Kingdom's Treasure Trove, which is located at the shore. She rarely leaves her water home and seldom interacts with other inhabitants that don't live in the ocean. Nympharia spends most of her free time with singing, pearl-diving, playing with her dolphin friends or simply combing her hair for hours. Gudrun is rarely to be seen, unless it is summer and she opens up her Summer Booth to trade all kinds of goods to the Kingdom's residents.
Frostan, Molly & Bat Momma

Race: Elf, Human, Bat

Frostan and Molly prefer solitary lives. Frostan loves winter and that's the only time of the year when he can be seen wandering the Kingdom and opening up his Snow Tent to share some goods. Shy Molly spends most of her days in the forests of the Kingdom, usually only showing her face in spring. Bat Momma loves company, but usually is way too busy taking care of hundreds of children and therefore is rarely to be seen.
Umiel, Fungus & Skull

Race: Human, S'hroom, ???

Fungus is the shop keeper of Bananarama and belongs to a rare species called S'hrooms, which, besides their visual resemblance of a mushroom is marked by small size.Fungus has a crush on Lucretia, but because of low self-esteem and his shyness he rarely talks to her.
Umiel is the Kingdom's alchemist and the person everyone turns to for help. He is smart and educated and loves helping out, though he often wishes the tasks given to him were more challenging than creating socks and coffee for his friends.
Little is known about Skull, neither gender nor race, as Skull hides his or her face behind a deer skull and does not speak.



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